2007 - Where it all began

As a young lingerie retailer, Shirley Schoonebeek owned several stores in the city centre of Amsterdam, and one at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. After a few years entrenched in the industry, she was in search of a brand with a story – something to talk about, think about – something that stood out from the ordinary. When she couldn’t find it, she fearlessly decided to create her own. Not one to follow trends, she took conscious action to create unique prints in collaboration with real artists; to develop a label that would appeal to guys who embrace their inner “Bad Boy”. This cooperation resulted in the striking brand as we know it today. Muchachomalo is growing and innovating in the field of materials and fit, woven through a collection that is becoming more and more extensive in designs and colours.

The Muchachomalo cannot be caught in one man. It is a wild character that is hidden in several men.  Muchachomalos are of all ages. Come in different shapes. But they do have a number of things in common…

The Muchachomalo

The Muchachomalo is authentic. His inner-rebel walks the line between being naughty and playful. He is confident. Knows his mind. Focused on reaching his goals, he does not shy away from risks. As a natural leader, his ideas and enthusiasm resonate with others. He works hard and blows off steam on adventure weekends. He’s rarely alone. Friends appreciate him for his courage and honesty. Women find him desperately appealing. He is charming. Takes care of himself. Is fit. Self-assured. He is independent and a bit mysterious. The Muchachomalo man inspires and surprises.  And like most men, he never ‘really’ grows up…that little ‘Bad Boy’ sparkle is never far from the surface.  

Wearable art

Every year Muchachomalo introduces a theme that tells a story – stories that are inspired by real life and real feelings – what’s happening in the world, what’s on people’s minds, or even the simple beauty of an age or a place.  [people know to feel the theme is inspired – that It’s not just about random graphic design]. Each collection has a message. It gives people something to think or talk about. Once the theme has been selected, the design team starts dreaming up the collection, whereby the story is artistically translated into a piece of wearable art.  Each print goes through a rigorous selection process before being added to the collection. The Muchachomalo prints are all hand drawn by in-house artists. Muchachomalo makes art wearable for everyone.


Muchachomalo in a nutshell


Life doesn’t come with a manual. Fortunately, because if we had to live according to a set of rules, we'd miss all the fun. We are we are young, adventurous and we head straight for our goals.

Wear Art

Who says art is stationary (well, ok, besides the obvious statue)?  We bring you art on the move, every day, all day.  Wear art!


Fashion over comfort? Not necessary - we deliver both! And not only in our products.  Our business processes are fully equipped to meet your comfort. Experience it for yourself.


We are so convinced of the quality of our products, that you get 2 years warranty.  We also monitor our production processes to ensure things are running smoothly and fairly.

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