Capezio Capezio H061 Canvas Pirouette II Shoe

Article number: H061-NUDE-S
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Stretch Canvas with a secure elastic top line and durable ballet shoe construction make this a work horse “turner” shoe. Hugs and moves with the foot extremely well while allowing the toes to spread. Dual elastics provide security and versatility with placement. Ultra-soft Stretch Canvas “Stretch and Return” capability with true stretch gives ample room for foot articulation Half sole design with covered toes Suede sole patch with pleats Ballet constructed sole patch really allows the toes to spread 5/8" one-sided plush primary elastic pre-attached at the sides 3/8" secondary elastic attached under the arch Soft elastic binding keeps shoe in place without pinching Capezio® logo on sole Perfect for programs that prohibit open toe shoes Begin with street shoe size – men 2 sizes up
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