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Windpro Fleece Vest

Wind Pro fleece, 2 zippered pockets. Can be custom made.

Sportees-Polartec- Powerstretch- Fleece-Shorts

Wow! a great item! Stretch fleece shorts, great for under layers, to keep your bum and bits warm.

Sportees-Fleece-Tights/Leggings Polartec-Powerstretch-Fuzzies

Made on site. These great stretch fleece tights or leggings can be custom ordered.
The first photo shows the most current colours .

Athletic Fit 200 Weight Fleece Vest

Great basic layer. Warm fleece vest with 2 large zippered pockets.

Fleece Lined Dog Musher Pants Waterproof Fabric w/ Bib- Custom made to your preferences and your needs-(Price goes up with each add on)

These are pants to be custom ordered. Please email : [email protected] for details. Custom ordered options:
- zippered front pocket
-pack cloth on the knees and butt
-double fleece on the knees
-side seam zippers
-addtional zip pockets - you decide w

Sportees Child Fleece Sweat Pants

Children's sized baggy fit fleece sweat pants with a drawstring waist.

Children- 200 Weight Fleece Bulky Jacket

Children's Fleece Jacket warm and cozy.

Children-4 Way Stretch Fleece Fitted Tights w/ Bib

Bib tights for children. These are great, as toddlers usually don't have a waist, so when you pick them up, their jackets and pants separate . These bib tights keep their bellies warm, and are easy to get on and off if you are dealing with diapers.

Childrens Bunting Bag- Fleece Baby Suit- 12 Month to 2 Years Old

Many colours and options available. They are priced from $100 - depending on the fabrics chosen for the little one. We can make them double layered as well. Usually with cuffs at the ankles and wrists.

Sportees Childrens Bunting Bag-Retro-X Fleece Baby Suit

Windproof and water repellant fabric will keep your little toddler warm and cozy.
Please e-mail for information. [email protected]

Sportees-Children 4 Way Stretch 200 Weight Fleece Bathrobe

Please e-mail for sizing, available colours and details.

Sportees 4 Way Stretch 200 Weight Fleece Bathrobe

Adult sized bathrobe in fleece.

Sportees Fleece Bum Warmer/Skirt

Well, heres to keeping your bum warm while wearing leggings! Stretchy and warm. Made from stretch fleece.
Great with the Sportees Fleece Leggings, of course!

Sportees Baby Fleece Pants

4 way stretch Powerstretch baby fuzzies, with a drawstring waist, to fit with a diaper

Sportees Windbloc Fleece Pants

One of our best selling products. Good winter pants are hard to fit - with the options that you like :)

Sportees Windpro Top, Fitted Style

Sportees-Insulation Layer-2 Way Stretch Grid WindPro Fleece-Fitted Top
Great For Outdoor Work or Athletics- Wind resistant & Water repellant

Sportees-Yoga-Tights/Leggings-FLEECE w/ Yoga band

A fabulous product! Warm and cozy, stretch fleece tights with the wide waistbands. Fabulous!

Sportees-Fleece-Sweat Pants-Unisex

Old school 200 weight fleece sweat pants. Great for house lounging or as an insulation layer for outdoors. Warm and cozy and they wash up very well.

Sportees-Windpro-Grid-Top- Boxy Fit

Available in other colours. Please e-mail for current selections. [email protected] Layer-2 Way Stretch Grid WindPro Fleece- Box Fit Top- Great For Outdoor Work or Athletics- Wind & Waterproof

Sportees-Polartec-Powerstretch- Fleece-Yoga-Pants

Fantastic Yoga pants with a fuzzy fleece inside. These can be custom ordered.Currently, I can make you a custom order in the following colours: dark navy, olive green, light olive, charcoal grey, blush pink, burgandy/wine, orange, lightgrey/lavender, teal

Sportees-Windproof-Fleece-Pants Polartec Windpro

Fantastic Winter Pants :) I wear these all of the time. Remember that it is really cold here, and I use these over my work clothes for back and forth in the car. We use windproof fleece. The basic style includes 2 zippered front pockets and side zippers.


3 months size fits newborns to about 6 months old - flippable mittens, cuffs on both the arms and legs to make the suit longer. We have many many colours to chose from. made with 2 front zippers for easy access
separated legs to fit in car seats, hood

Sportees-Fitted-Ladies Top-Fleece

This top is a fitted "body" top meant as a warm layer. Cozy.
We make these on site, so you can order a size and colour.

Sportees Athletic Fleece Logan Straight Cut Jacket

UnisexStraight-cut jacket
Multi-sport use
Full front zipper
Two 7" zippered hand warmer pockets
Straight-cut jacket
Multi-sport use
Full front zipper
Two 7" zippered hand warmer pockets
For a regular jacket, they have zippered pockets and a main front zip
Made in the Yukon
Worldwide Shipping
Custom Orders