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Sportees Fleece Bum Warmer/Skirt

Well, heres to keeping your bum warm while wearing leggings! Stretchy and warm. Made from stretch fleece.
Great with the Sportees Fleece Leggings, of course!

Sportees-Windproof-Fleece-Pants Polartec Windpro

Fantastic Winter Pants :) I wear these all of the time. Remember that it is really cold here, and I use these over my work clothes for back and forth in the car. We use windproof fleece. The basic style includes 2 zippered front pockets and side zippers.

Sportees Skirt Yoga Skirt- Fleece

Skirt made in a A design, with a stretch yoga band and fleece skirt. Great for keeping you warm and gives your leggings a more dressed up look.

Sportees-Polartec- Powerstretch- Fleece-Shorts

Wow! a great item! Stretch fleece shorts, great for under layers, to keep your bum and bits warm.

Sportees-Fleece-Sweat Pants-Unisex

Old school 200 weight fleece sweat pants. Great for house lounging or as an insulation layer for outdoors. Warm and cozy and they wash up very well.

Sportees-Fleece-Tights/Leggings Polartec-Powerstretch-Fuzzies

Made on site. These great stretch fleece tights or leggings can be custom ordered.
The first photo shows the most current colours .

Sportees Windbloc Fleece Pants

One of our best selling products. Good winter pants are hard to fit - with the options that you like :)

Sportees-Polartec-Powerstretch- Fleece-Yoga-Pants

Fantastic Yoga pants with a fuzzy fleece inside. These can be custom ordered.Currently, I can make you a custom order in the following colours: dark navy, olive green, light olive, charcoal grey, blush pink, burgandy/wine, orange, lightgrey/lavender, teal

Sportees Children Fleece Sportees Designed Fairy Sweater w/ Skirt &Hood

This is my design! I made it to look spunky and happy and keep you warm!

Sportees Fitted Fleece Turtleneck Top

One of our top selling products! We have made these for over 30 years!

Sportees WindPro Fleece Zip Logan Insulation Layer Sweater

Thick Polartec Windpro Fleece, is super warm. Can be made to measure.

Athletic Fit 200 Weight Fleece Vest

Great basic layer. Warm fleece vest with 2 large zippered pockets.

Children- 200 Weight Fleece Bulky Jacket

Children's Fleece Jacket warm and cozy.

Children-4 Way Stretch Fleece Fitted Tights w/ Bib

Bib tights for children. These are great, as toddlers usually don't have a waist, so when you pick them up, their jackets and pants separate . These bib tights keep their bellies warm, and are easy to get on and off if you are dealing with diapers.

Childrens Bunting Bag- Fleece Baby Suit- 12 Month to 2 Years Old

Many colours and options available. They are priced from $100 - depending on the fabrics chosen for the little one. We can make them double layered as well. Usually with cuffs at the ankles and wrists.

Fleece Lined Dog Musher Pants Waterproof Fabric w/ Bib- Custom made to your preferences and your needs-(Price goes up with each add on)

These are pants to be custom ordered. Please email : [email protected] for details. Custom ordered options:
- zippered front pocket
-pack cloth on the knees and butt
-double fleece on the knees
-side seam zippers
-addtional zip pockets - you decide w

Sportees Childrens Bunting Bag-Retro-X Fleece Baby Suit

Windproof and water repellant fabric will keep your little toddler warm and cozy.
Please e-mail for information. [email protected]

Sportees-Children 4 Way Stretch 200 Weight Fleece Bathrobe

Please e-mail for sizing, available colours and details.

Sportees 4 Way Stretch 200 Weight Fleece Bathrobe

Adult sized bathrobe in fleece.

Sportees Baby Fleece Pants

4 way stretch Powerstretch baby fuzzies, with a drawstring waist, to fit with a diaper

Sportees Child Fleece Sweat Pants

Children's sized baggy fit fleece sweat pants with a drawstring waist.

Sportees Windpro Top, Fitted Style

Sportees-Insulation Layer-2 Way Stretch Grid WindPro Fleece-Fitted Top
Great For Outdoor Work or Athletics- Wind resistant & Water repellant

Sportees-Yoga-Tights/Leggings-FLEECE w/ Yoga band

A fabulous product! Warm and cozy, stretch fleece tights with the wide waistbands. Fabulous!
Made in the Yukon
Worldwide Shipping
Custom Orders