Sportees 2 Way Stretch Dog Musher Fingerless Gloves w/ Hand Warmer Pocket

Article number: Sportees-Dog Musher Gloves-GREEN-M
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Great gloves to increase your blood circulation. We have shipped these worldwide. They need to be fitted, to increase blood flow, and then you put a hot shot in the pocket on your wrist. fingerless gloves made out of Polartec Aqua Shell designed for dog mushers but now used for a variety of people that need the used of their bare hands in cold weather - photographers, movie makers we have been trying them out with people with Raynods syndrome with success have a small pocket on the inside of the wrist that fits a "hot shot" that heats up and helps the blood to keep flowing in the fingers the tight compression fit also helps to keep the blood moving $40.00 Fabric Type:Polartec® Aqua Shell® Featuring the warmth of Polartec® thermal fabrics, combined with a snug, 4-way stretch fit and a windproof membrane Polartec® Aqua Shell®fabrics come in two versions to accommodate above and below-water activities. From the Polartec® LLC® website "Designed for water sports of all types, these fabrics combine the maximum warmth of Polartec® fleece with body-hugging four way stretch. Its breathable windproof membrane and water-repellent surface provide excellent protection from the weather. Polartec® Aqua Shell® provides aerodynamic performance for skiing and cycling, and neutral buoyancy for warm-water diving.check out a testimonial at
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